When ideas come alive.

Today is the third day of #campNaNO2018 and I’ve not written very much. Some might see this as an issue but I don’t as my mind has been processing what needs to be written.
Once they set in my mind then words will flow out in a much easier fashion.

Also, I have gotten a new writing buddy. Her name is Maya and she is a 10 y.o. sweet cat who needed a new home through no fault of her own. So I’ve had to spend time being very still, quiet and calm.

What I can tell you about my current plot line is, new worlds will be found and many will not want to believe it is happening. A marriage will be put on hold, friends will think one of their own is crazy and being able to itch ones adventurous streak will be scratched.

Current research being done is into ancient Egyptian gods and how many big differences we’d see in the world if they were still the main religion.

I am hoping this book will be the foundation block for others to come all merging off it with different characters as the main focus. Our world, will be the template for comparing to the new worlds found and what differences could be found if one thing in history is changed.


The Journey Begins


Journeys begin when an idea strikes.

These ideas can strike anywhere, anytime and under all conditions.

My current novel idea came from a photo, which was taken one morning while walking my dog. I enjoy taking many photos of random things.



This was the photo that started it all for me. I stood there for a good 10 minutes staring at the photo and looking up at the sky. The hot air balloon was long gone by that time but my brain was going over time.

Over the last month I’ve been able to add more depth to the plot idea and starting April 1st Camp NaNO will help me get the draft written.

Working title for this novel is “Not all who wander are lost”